Looking Back on Survivor’s Most Controversial Twists

After production was halted due to COVID-19, the CBS reality hit is back in action for its 41st season, which Probst is already touting as the "most intense, most difficult and most dangerous" outing they've ever done. So, grab your torches and head back to camp so we can look back on the most controversial changes to the game over the years while enjoying our daily cup of rice. class=”article-detail__title article-detail__title–speakable”>Looking Back on Survivor's Most Controversial TwistsAhead of Survivor's 41st (!) season premiere, we're looking back on some of the CBS hit's biggest twists over the years, including the Medallion of Power and that controversial tribe divide.By Tierney Bricker Sep 22, 2021 6:15 PMTagsTVReality TVSurvivorCelebritiesFeaturesEntertainmentWatch: Jeff Probst Explains New Twists Before "Survivor: Winners at War"Come on in, guys! Of course, it will also have some twists, something Survivor fans have come to expect over the years as the creative team has continued to keep the castaways on their toes by adding new elements to the game. "So even to Survivor fans who say 'I wish for the old days when there weren't twists and turns and hidden immunity idols,' I think maybe you do, but maybe you'd be bored. But not all of their ideas have worked—um, where is that Medallion of Power anyway?—which is a risk Probst, who is also the showrunner, is more than okay with if it means keeping the show fresh and exciting after two decades. 22, it'll finally happen. photosSurvivor Season 41: Meet the Cast"What I do feel in my soul is that when shows get stale is when the audience leaves," Probst told Entertainment Tonight Canada last year. For me on Survivor, my deal with the fans who watch the show and the people who play is I can only promise you this—we will always try to make it unpredictable and we will always try to go deeper into the human experience." 
Translation: The twists started coming and they won't stop coming. Survivor fans have been waiting a long time to hear Jeff Probst say those iconic words and on Wednesday, Sept.