Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Richard Lewis Reveals He Isn’t Returning for Season 11

However, the comedian's departure from Curb may not be a permanent one.photosCelebs Playing Their Extreme Selves on Curb Your EnthusiasmIn a statement to Variety, Lewis shared, "For 20 years, I had the greatest comedy gig I could have ever imagined with my oldest and dearest friend LD. Definitely calmer, but lonely. Season 12 it is!"
Executive producer Robert B. For sure, I will be screaming with all the other 'Curb' fans when the new season starts. Xo"Hbo/Kobal/ShutterstockCurb returned with new episodes in 2017 after initially ending with season eight in 2011. We'll be curious to see what Curb is like without Lewis' presence. "What a ride, LD! The show certainly still resonates with fans as it was renewed for season 11 last June and was nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy in 2020. We're going to miss you this season. The 73-year-old actor, who plays an "autobiographical" version of himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm, took to Twitter to announce he was departing from the Larry David-led improvisational comedy due to health reasons. Feel better! "Tragically, these past 18 months I've endured a back and two shoulder surgeries and not able to be in #curbyourenthusiasm for season 11. Honestly, I'm crushed that I won't be part of this season. class=”article-detail__title article-detail__title–speakable”>Curb Your Enthusiasm's Richard Lewis Reveals He Isn't Returning for Season 11Comedian Richard Lewis announced he will not appear in the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hope to be there for Season 12!"
Co-star Cheryl Hines reacted to Lewis' update as she tweeted in response, "Richard!!!! Get well, Buddy. Find out his reason!By Alyssa Ray Jan 26, 2021 8:09 PMTagsTVCurb Your EnthusiasmLarry DavidHBOHealthInjury And IllnessWatch: Larry David on Becoming an Emoji: "Lucky Me"We aren't feeling "pretty, pretty, pretty good" after learning this Curb Your Enthusiasm news. On Monday, Jan. I'll be watching…@HBO."
Lewis' role on Curb was recurring, having appeared in 39 episodes over 10 seasons, and his wit has become a staple on the show. In fact, fans were first introduced to Lewis' humor in the pilot episode, which aired in October 2000. 25, comedian Richard Lewis announced that he would not be returning to the HBO series for season 11. Weide expressed a similar sentiment on social media. He wrote, "It's a lonely set without you, Richie. We looooooove you! I love you, buddy," Lewis explained.