Betty White’s 99th Birthday Plans Are Simply Golden

17. Although the occasion is still a few days away, we're here to say: Happy Birthday, Betty! "As for her birthday wish, Betty is waiting for Robert Redford to call!"photosBetty White's Best RolesWhile we'll just have to wait and see on that one, fans can count on White's The Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds to remember her day. By Samantha Schnurr Jan 13, 2021 7:07 PMTagsBirthdaysBetty WhiteCelebritiesWatch: Ice Cube and Kevin Hart Play "Scarface or Golden Girls" GameIn mere days, this Golden Girl celebrates a big birthday. After all, he's commemorated the living legend's birthday in sweet ways over the years. With the momentous occasion approaching, a rep for the iconic star revealed to E! "Betty was going to run a mile, but COVID has kept her in the house," a rep said. News how White will spend her special day amid the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, read on for the plan she had to ditch because of the coronavirus pandemic. "In the evening, Betty is playing poker with friends that she has played with for decades," her rep told E! class=”article-detail__title article-detail__title–speakable”>Betty White's 99th Birthday Plans Are Simply GoldenWith her 99th birthday coming up, Betty White has shared how she'll be celebrating her milestone day. And, while this might not be the best time for her and her longtime crush Robert Redford to finally come face to face, perhaps he'll ring up the birthday gal. "I don't usually wish ex-girlfriends Happy Birthday. We're talking about the beloved Betty White, who is set to turn 99 years old on Sunday, Jan. After all, that was her only request for her 97th birthday in 2019. But Betty's special," he wrote on Instagram in 2019. News at the time. In the words of the signature Golden Girls theme song, "Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant!" "Other than this, she will be enjoying a healthy day feeding the two ducks that come to visit her every day." Despite the circumstances, we're glad White is able to keep up her signature and much-needed humor in the midst of these trying times. "Happy Birthday to the one and only, @bettymwhite."Eric McCandless/Freeform via Getty ImagesA year later, he teamed up with fellow The Proposal star Sandra Bullock for a unique rendition of "Happy Birthday" to the star.