Cash Warren’s Father’s Day Gift Guide Will Make Any Dad Feel Cozy and Cool

They aren’t only insanely comfortable, but they’re also super fly,” Cash shared while also raving about their running shoes including the Techloom Phantom, Techloom Wave and Techloom Pro. News exclusively. $18


The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour
“This game is my quarantine addiction,” Cash confessed. “Theory makes amazingly functional stylish clothes that don’t go out of style. 12, 2020 10:00 AM




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Fri., Jun. “Load dad up with these core items and he’ll be stylish and trendy without trying.” You can also consider no-show socks. Whether it’s skincare from wife Jessica Alba’s Honest company or socks and boxer briefs from Pair of Thieves, Cash’s Father’s Day gift guide features a wide assortment of items that any dude would love to own. And as you continue shopping this month before the big weekend, Cash has a piece of advice. “Speaking on behalf of all Dads, we love practical gifts, sentimental gifts and being left alone,” he joked.  


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Pair of Thieves 3-Pack Solid Crewneck Tees
“These are great as everyday tees or undershirts,” Cash explained. “Gentle cleanser and deep hydration cream for mornings and night…retinol only at night.  



Pair of Thieves Lounge Pants and Shorts
“The latest and greatest product launch from Pair of Thieves is loungewear…grab a pair for Dad before it sells out!” Cash shared. 


Pair of Thieves

Reusable Mug
“A must have for staying hydrated throughout the day or for those long boozy walks that are all the rage these days,” Cash explained when sharing his picks from Yeti and Simple Modern. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.Attention any and all sons and daughters. “It’s the next best thing to actually golfing with friends.”



Honest Deep Hydration Face Cream
Dive into velvety-soft, super nourished skin with Honest Beauty’s “richest face cream ever.” 



Pair of Thieves 3-pack SuperFit Boxer Briefs
“Not a secret that our undies keep your man’s bits cool, swass free and looking fly,” Cash explained. has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Newsletter for more celebrity must-haves! Trending
Stories “It’s a fun game to play with the whole family,” Cash shared. 



Pair of Thieves Twinsies Set
“#Twinsies photos are the cutest pics on IG these days,” Cash argued. “Having a great pair of comfortable and functional shoes will make carrying your boozy beverage that much easier.”  



Codenames Game
When it’s game night in Cash and Jessica’s house, this item may be on the list to play. “Help dad make this a Father’s Day to remember.”   


Pair of Thieves

New York Times Custom Birthday Book
“This is a super thoughtful simple gift that makes a great coffee table book and conversation piece at home,” Cash shared. 


NYT Store

Theory Swim Trunks
“Swim trunks that are forgiving for dad bod,” Cash joked. See Curtis Stone’s picks for the chef and Michael Strahan’s presents fit for a champion. Sign-up for Shop With E! “We deserve it.”What they also deserve is a useful, thoughtful gift that can be used time and time again. $28


John Elliot Sweatshirts
“Super comfortable loungewear that’s perfect for working from home,” Cash explained when recommending these sweatshirts. 


Need Supply

Pair of Thieves 3-Pack Changing Light Cushioned Crew Socks
“It’s cool to be Mr Normcore again,” Cash joked with us. The father-of-three also calls the brand’s cool breeze boxer briefs one of his favorites. 



APL Techloom Slides and Running Shoes
“We live in these APL slides at our house.  Our house has a no-shoe policy so these slides are everything for our family and our guests. I’ve had the same few pairs of these trunks for a few years and they are my go-to!” 



Still in need of a great gift for dad? Father’s Day doesn’t have to only be one day out of the year.”My first wish would be to extend Father’s Day to a full weekend,” Pair of Thieves founder Cash Warren shared with E! $30


Honest Honestly Pure Retinol Serum
Help you dad achieve honestly radiant skin with Honest Beauty’s lightweight serum that blends together Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin, even out texture and tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. “Pretty sure all dads need some new tees without pit stains.” 



Dyson Hair Dryer
“Nothing helps disguise thinning hair better than a good blow dryer,” Cash joked to us. 





Honest Gentle Gel Cleanser
“NEWSFLASH: Dads need self-care too!” Cash explained to us. E!